What is Tournament Manager?

The software is intended to make life easier for the organisers and interesting for the parents – they can follow how their teams progress in ‘real time’. The uptake and use of the system is expected to be high due to intended ease of use of the system.

FC Toolbox Tournament Manager is an independently funded project. Support is welcome by means of sponsorship highlighting your business or product to an audience of football loving parents and children.

What are the benefits?

Tournament exposure

Each individual tournament you may have eight age groups. Within each age group you have a minimum of eight teams, within each team there are eight players.

Therefore for any one tournament there is somewhere in the region of 500 children, with accompanying parents who will be exposed to the tournament manager system.

Ongoing Marketing

Teams have to be registered and players have to be registered to compete. Registration involves supplying a date of birth. As provider of the service (assuming marketing has been authorised) we are able to send happy birthday messages to registered players and target offers 3- 4 weeks prior to an individual’s birthday.

By offering a software solution that is ‘clean’ simple to use and relatively a low cost could not only capture the grass-roots tournament market. This in turn should lead to more involvement with junior and grass-roots football clubs nationally giving great exposure.

The idea could also be expanded to other sporting activities.


If you feel this is something your company would be interested in supporting, please feel free to contact Neil White: admin@fctoolbox.com or mobile 07977 915 965.